Projects: Compensation Consulting, Leadership Development Programs, Other

Compensation Consulting

Sales Compensation Consulting

Annual Sales Compensation Plan design, review, process and administration for Dimension Data ITaaS Group. Multi-year ongoing design project with multiple business units.

Sales Compensation Design

Sales Compensation Plan design for Merchants and Dimension Data's CLM Division. 

Compensation and Competency model Implementation

Multi-year project involving Competency modeling, job evaluation and compensation design and review for Live Oak Bank. This Project was performed in partnership with the EASI·Consult® team.     

FLSA consulting 

Created a FLSA protocol and interview guide to determine over-time pay eligibility for an Automotive Leasing company. This Project was performed in partnership with the EASI·Consult®team.  

Compensation Services

Compensation support for Annual Salary Increase Cycle, Bonus Calculations, and Remuneration Committee Approval Process for Dimension Data Americas and Europe. This multi-year engagement covers a wide array of compensation services such as: annual merit review process, bonus plan calculations, base pay audits and cost analyses, job pricing and compensation recommendations, updating base pay models, including: managing the increase process, reporting and analyses, providing guidance to managerial and HR decision-makers, assisting in communications, preparing reports for remuneration committee, cost calculations, bonus calculations, data audits, data checks, report and data consolidation, coordination with Finance, etc.  

Selection and Implementation of an Annual Merit Increase Process Application

Dimension Data Americas looked to replace their current spreadsheet process for managing the annual salary review/merit increase process with a Software As a Service ("SAAS") tool and implement this tool within 4-6 months before the next cycle. The project included: overall project management, a needs requirements and constraints analysis, identification of potential vendors, review vendors and demos, create an RFP and analyze the responses received, managing the vendor selection process, and managing the testing and implementation process. The selected application was provided by Laserbeam Software. 

Design of Global Sales Remuneration Guidelines.

A multi-year project for Dimension Data globally  included: analysis of the company's strategy, a sales organization framework, the current sales remuneration plans from all the different geographic regions, interviews with global and regional stakeholders, review of external market data, design and agreement of global guiding principles and a 'recipe book' with best practice elements to ensure global consistency for designing local sales compensation plans. This project also included design of cross-BU selling incentivization practices. 

Design of Sales Remuneration Plans and Processes  

The project for Dimension Data South Africa included an analysis of the company's strategy, a review of sales roles, re-mapping incumbents, benchmarking, the creation of sales pay bands, an impact analysis, a sales process & practices audit and redesign as related to sales incentivization, the re-design of the governance structure, conducting and facilitating focus groups, developing communications related to the organizational changes, the creation of policies and templates, project managing internal stakeholder interactions and processes related to commission calculations, and Xactly Incent administration. 

3-Month Temporary Assignment

Leave Coverage for the Director of Compensation for Dimension Data Americas. Responsibilities included support in sales compensation plan administration and creation, participation in various salary benchmark surveys, supporting the organization with job pricing and compensation recommendations, updating base pay models and auditing, bonus plan calculations, and various other compensation-related queries.   

Leadership & Professional Development

Faculty member at the ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking

Teaching the following courses: Coaching for Performance, Managing Compensation, and Emotional Intelligence.

Facilitating at Veterinary Business Forum in Toronto

Facilitating a one-day workshop for veterinarian business owners, sponsored by Royal Canin, on Performance Management. OQ Consulting was part of the EASI·Consult®team for this project.  

Leadership Assessment and Coaching of Global Sales Leaders

The engagement for Hewlett Packard consisted of conducting structured interviews with delegates and their managers, a one-day assessment center including executive-level role plays, providing ongoing coaching and feedback, analyzing various personality and 360 assessments, and delivering a comprehensive individual feedback report for development purposes. OQ Consulting was part of the EASI·Consult®team for this project.

Leadership Development Workshop in France

The workshop was custom-designed by the Dimension Data Global - in order to raise awareness and importance of the role of a people manager - and was being deployed on a world-wide bases by external facilitators. The aim of the program was to clarify the expectation and responsibilities of the leader, and to create awareness of their impact on the performance and retention of the organization's talent base. This two-day engaging and interactive workshop leveraged group discussions, exercises, and different supporting media. This workshop was facilitated in French.    

Other Consulting Services

Org Design, Position Profiling and Employee Handbook  

Managed a project for d&b Audiotechnik US relating to profiling its positions, identifying key competencies, designing its organizational structure as well as creating its Employee Handbook. 


Sourcing and Selection of an HR Executive 

This project for Dimension Data Europe included: creation of the job profile, market-pricing of the position, determining a comprehensive sourcing strategy, being the prime point of contact with the different internal and external stakeholders, development and management of the selection process, phone screening of candidates, determining the short-list of candidates, determining the interview team and engaging with the Executive team, developing an interview feedback form, developing business case scenario, developing the communication plan and assisting with the content, providing guidance on the final selection.